Rewards and FAQ


Enrollment Gift

When you join the rewards program and complete your sign-up within the Belcampo app, you will receive a FREE side and 25 points will be added to your rewards account.

Exclusive Offers

Belcampo Reward Program Members will receive access to exclusive offers only available on the app, such as BOGO’s, discounts, and triple point days! Make sure to have push notifications enabled so you can receive the latest offers.

Points Shop

Accrue points by ordering locally on the Belcampo app or by giving your phone number to our servers when shopping at any Belcampo location. As you accrue points, you’ll be able to spend them in the points shop within the app. Prizes include free entrees, popular butcher shop items, and to a trip to our farm! Point accrual and reward redemption is unavailable for E-commerce orders.

Punch Cards

Currently we have two punch cards — the Meat Sweats and Bone Broth Benefits cards. With the Meat Sweats card, when you purchase 9 burgers or sandwiches, the 10th one is on us! With the Bone Broth Benefits card, when you purchase 9 hot bone broths, the 10th one is on us! You automatically accrue punches whenever you make an eligible purchase. Simply order on the app or give your phone number to one of our servers. The cards will show up in the Cards section at the top right of the app homepage after your first eligible purchase.


Why should I join the Belcampo rewards program?

The Belcampo rewards program allows you to earn points, redeemable for gifts from a Belcampo burger to a trip to our farm! You also get access to exclusive offers and flash sales, such as BOGO’s and triple points!

How do I start earning points and getting exclusive offers?

You can join the program by downloading the Belcampo app on your iOS or Android phone by clicking here. You can also give your phone number to one of our servers next time you visit!

Why should I download the app?

The app enables you to redeem your rewards and track your points.

Do I need to download and use the app to participate?

Yes and no. You can accrue points without using the app when you check out in-person at one of our locations. But, to redeem your points for rewards you’ll need to use our mobile app.

Can I use more than one reward at a time?

Only one reward or promo can be redeemed for each order.

How do I use a reward I’ve earned?

To redeem a reward, just tap on the reward on the homepage of the app or visit “REWARDS” (located on the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen). After selecting the desired reward, tap “Get It” and it will be added to “My Reward.” Add an eligible product to your cart and checkout on the app. Or show your reward to one of our servers in-store.

Where can I redeem my rewards?

Rewards can be redeemed for in-store purchases or for pickup and delivery orders placed through the app (where delivery is available).

Where can I see my Punch Card progress?

Your punch card progress towards a free burger or bone broth can be viewed by tapping on “Cards” on the homepage of the app.

Can I earn points if I pay with a gift card?

Yes. We call that a win-win!

Do I earn points if I buy a gift card?

Gift card purchases aren’t eligible to earn points.

Will I earn points if I order from Postmates, DoorDash, Caviar, Grubhub or Uber Eats?

No, points can only be earned in-store or on orders placed on the Belcampo app.

How do I get points for my catering orders?

Please place your order via the app or contact the store manager.

What are the terms for use of the Belcampo app?

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be found at the bottom of your profile page on the Belcampo app.

Have more questions? Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.

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