Belcampo Farm Spotlight: Lascano Ranch

Belcampo Farm Spotlight: Lascano Ranch

About Our Certified Organic, 100% Grass-fed & Humanely Raised Uruguayan Beef

We have partnered with three small multi-generational family farms in Uruguay -- the Dayman Farm near the town of Salto, Los Puestos near the town of La Coronilla, and Las Nutrias near the town Carlos Reyles -- who are all finishing their cattle on the premium pastures of Lascano to bring you the best Certified Organic, grass-fed and finished humanely raised beef from Uruguay.

The meat is shipped by boat to reduce our carbon footprint, and wet aged during transport to increase tenderness. We’re proud to be able to offer these premium, high quality products through our website and in our shops!

Los Puestos Ranch, Uruguay

Cattle Ranching in Uruguay

The native grasslands, rainfall and Mediterranean climate of the Lascano Ranch in the Rocha region of Uruguay make for some of the world’s most premium finishing pastures for grass-fed and finished beef – and creates ideal conditions for the animals.

Dayman Farm

Owner: Elena Nogues

Farm to the north near the town of Salto. This farm has an incredible history with Elena being the fourth-generation owner. Her daughter, Lia, is the fifth generation. This is one of the few woman-owned cattle operations in Uruguay. The manager of the farm is Chacho Clemente who does an incredible job on the day-to-day operations.

The farm utilizes an integrated approach to pasture management. They graze purebred Hereford cattle and Merino sheep on the same pastures. The sheep are used to graze thestubble and open up better quality grass for the cattle.

Dayman Farms
Los Puestos Ranch, Uruguay

Los Puestos

Owner: Gerardo Gomez

Los Puestos is located near the coastal town of La Coronilla in the district of Rocha. The farm raises beautiful black angus cattle. The coastal influence keeps the property at ideal temperatures and conditions to have beautiful green grass pastures, which results in some absolutely incredible beef.

When I visited this farm, I immediately was reminded of the coastal areas around Marin and Sonoma Counties that we all know provide optimum conditions for premium grass fed beef here in California.

Las Nutrias Farm

Owner: Antonio Musacco

I had the opportunity to visit the Las Nutrias Farm located near Carlos Reyles in the Durazno district in Central Uruguay. They raise certified organic Horned Hereford cattle. I got to tour the farm with Antonio and also got to meet his son, Martin, who is taking over the family operation.

Partnering with these producers allows us to bring a very unique product to the US and to offer a different type of grass-fed beef with optimal seasonal availability to our customers. It also helps to further our mission of expanding access to meat that is farmed in a way that supports the wellbeing and health of people, the planet and animals.

Las Nutrias
 James Rickert at Los Puestos Ranch, Uruguay

A Note from Our Head Farmer, James Rickert

My name is James Rickert and I’m the head farmer for Belcampo. I’m a fifth generation cattle producer, so I’ve been around cattle and meat my entire life. We at Belcampo have been focusing on producing some of the highest quality organic, grass-fed and finished meats that you can find in the marketplace. I’m excited to share these unique new products with you.

I’ve personally visited each of these farms and got to see these animals first hand. I see how the gauchos treat their animals- it very much reminds me of how we treat our animals here at home. The care and attention to the animals all with a very deep respect, it is just how to raise animals right. I’ve seen this respect at each of these farms. The native grasslands of Uruguay are some of the most incredible grasslands in the world, these animals are raised in such pristine conditions. I’m excited to bring this very unique, high quality product here to consumers here in the US. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!