Deliciously Done Cooking Guide

Deliciously Done Cooking Guide

Because our meat is so clean (thanks to the way we raise and harvest our animals), you don’t have to cook Belcampo meat to a crisp. You can cook it to your taste (to perfection!) at just the right temperature without having to worry.


Welcome to our guide for cooking meat perfectly. Here you’ll find everything you need to know to get your Belcampo meat to reach peak deliciousness.

  • NOTE: if you’re just starting your journey in learning to cook meat, temping with a quality  meat is a good habit to get into as you hone your skills


  • Pasture-raised chicken will tend to be smaller and leaner (and will therefore cook faster) with denser muscle fiber and deeper color than conventional chicken
  • Cook in a hot skillet to an internal temperature of 150F, turning once
  • Allow to rest 5-10 minutes before cutting

Look For:

  • COLOR:A nicely browned exterior and opaque center (which might still have some pinkness to it due to hemoglobin!)
  • TEXTURE:Firm but still juicy; not dense or hard
  • JUICES: Juices will be clear when chicken is completely cooked


  • Grass-fed beef is leaner than corn-fed and will cook about 30% faster – it’s also lower in fat, so coat your pan well with ghee, lard or olive oil for good browning
  • Pan searing in a cast iron skillet is our go-to method for cooking a grass-fed steak
  • Pre-heat pan or skillet before cooking, meanwhile allow your meat to come to room temperature
  • Cook steak hot and fast over high heat, then reduce heat to low and baste steak to finish cooking
  • Cook to 115F, rest for 5-10 minutes before slicing

Look For:

  • COLOR: Seared and nicely browned on the outside, about 50% of the center is pink
  • TEXTURE: Give it a touch test! A medium-rare steak will feel soft and tender to the touch


  • The number one consideration when preparing pasture-raised pork is not to overcook it!
  • Cook pasture-raised pork at a lower temperature for longer times than you would conventional pork - this avoids toughening the meat
  • Cook at medium, or medium-high (at most) for searing.
  • Cook to 138F internal temperature and allow to rest before slicing (meat will continue to cook, and the juices will redistribute throughout)

Look For:

  • COLOR: A nicely browned crust
  • TEXTURE: Tender + opaque with a touch of pink inside
  • TOUCH: Firm, but springs back and juices run clear