Regenerative Farming, What?

The way we farm and why it matters.

Regenerative Farming, What?

We’re raising food for people who care about their health, their families, and the environment.

Bel Campo in Italian translates to beautiful field.

At Belcampo Farms, we practice a type of farming called Regenerative Agriculture.

James Rickert, our Farm Director, explains:

“Regenerative agriculture is us going back to our roots. We focus on the land and the soil. We rotate our animals on pasture, which helps draw carbon into the soil – as opposed to being released into the atmosphere. Rotational grazing encourages perennial grasses and clover, which feeds the animals and produces the best meat possible. Here at Belcampo, we raise food for people who care about their health, about their families, and about the environment. We’re very proud of how we raise our animals in order to ensure the highest quality meat for our customers. Because you deserve it.”

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