Father’s Day Menus for All the Dads

Father’s Day Menus for All the Dads


What better way to celebrate the dads in your life than with a meal made with love (and plenty of grass-fed goodness)?

A heartfelt meal made with delicious quality ingredients is the perfect way to show dad how much you care.

To make it easy, we’ve put together a few menus – complete with easy-to-follow recipes – for all the dads out there: from the hardcore meathead to the meat & potatoes guy, we’ve got you covered for Father’s Day eats.




Father’s Day Menu for the
Dad Who Deserves to Indulge

Dads don’t need fancy, they need flavor! Keep it simple yet homemade with bacon burgers on fresh-baked potato buns warm from the oven, served with hand cut fries. Dad will thank you.


Bacon Burgers on Homemade Potato Bun

For an uncomplicated but totally indulgent treat, these juicy grass-fed burgers topped with pastured bacon on a fluffy potato buns are where it’s at. The secret is to start with quality ingredients for maximum flavor. Serve with homemade fries for a total homerun.

Bacon Cheeseburger





Homemade French Fries

Thick, hand-cut fries cooked in tallow are a special treat. Tallow is a healthful cooking fat that lends a rich depth of flavor and amazing crisp to these homemade fries.




Father’s Day Menu for
the Hardcore Meathead Dad

Dads like to get straight to the good stuff: the meat. Fire up the grill with grass-fed ribeye’s glazed in anchovy butter, and something unique, hearty and carnivore-friendly—heart skewers.


Beef Heart Skewers


Beef Heart Skewers

Also known as Anticuchos (or Peruvian beef heart skewers) these will make any carnivores’ heart sing. Not only are they packed with flavor and easy to prepare, when made with 100% grass-fed beef heart, they’re a super nutritious treat.


Ribeye with Anchovy Butter

Picture this: Ribeye, grilled medium-rare, with a nicely browned crust & topped with the savory goodness of freshly prepared anchovy butter. Need we say more?



Father’s Day Menu for
the Meat & Potatoes Dad

Got a carb-lover in your life? Treat him right with these two dishes: made-from-scratch Lasagna Bolognese and Bangers & Mash. Both delicious, ultra-comforting dishes are the equivalent of a hug on a plate and sure to warm hearts (and bellies) this Father’s Day.


Bolognese Lasagna

A blend of ground beef and ground pork braised in marinara, layered with homemade bechamel and provolone cheese, and baked until bubbling and delicious with a perfectly crisped top – this is comfort food at its finest.

Lasagna Bolognese



Bangers and Mash


Bangers & Mash

This is a classic British combo: sausages with mashed potatoes and onion gravy. The fluffy potatoes and savory gravy are the ultimate way to show Dad you care.