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October 2 @ 1:00 pm - October 4 @ 11:00 am

Wellness Camp with Max Lugavere

Join us for an unforgettable experience at Belcampo Wellness Camp with Max Lugavere. You’ll spend 3 days and 2 nights on beautiful and picturesque Belcampo Farms at the base of Mount Shasta in Northern CA.

Here, you and about 30 fellow campers of all experience levels, will gain a thorough understanding of meat cookery with a focus on open-fire grilling. You’ll learn butchery fundamentals, practice basic knife skills, and get an inside look into the sustainable farming practices on Belcampo Farms, which is a 20,000+ acre Animal Welfare Approved and Organic working farm that raises cattle, pigs, chicken, and more.

Dive deep into wellness – enjoy cold plunges and high-intensity workouts. Each day Max will host a 1 hour question and answer chat with the campers. Join Nicholas Coleman, founder of Grove and Vine, and world renowned olive oil expert for a master class in olive oil.

The camp is all-inclusive, with participants lodging in luxury “glamping” tents in the farm’s orchard, enjoying farm-style beverages, and indulging in delicious family-style meals curated by Max Lugavere and made by Belcampo Chefs using Belcampo’s Organic, pasture raised, grass-fed and grass-finished meats.

Belcampo Farms is located in Gazelle, CA at the base of Mt. Shasta in Northern CA. The farm is about a 5 hour drive to/from San Francisco. For guests traveling to/from Southern CA, we recommend flying from LAX to MFR (Medford, OR), then driving about 1 hr. and 15 min. from Medford airport to Belcampo Farms.


10 available
BYOT (Bring Your Own Tent)$899.00

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23 available
Double-occupancy, 2 full-beds per tent$1,499.00

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Belcampo Farms

4720 Scarface Rd
+ Google Map

Website: belcampo.com