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What is the Belcampo Difference?

We raise meat the way it should be raised and you can taste the difference.


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What kind of farming do you practice?

Regenerative Farming: Belcampo Meat Company is focused on raising food for people who care about their health, their families, and the environment.


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What about the environment?

At Belcampo we put wellness, the environment, and transparency first.


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Where do you get your meat?


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Are You Farm to Table?

Yes. Belcampo controls every aspect of its supply chain. Unlike competitors, we raise our animals on our own farm, operate our own USDA-inspected and Animal Welfare Approved processing facility, and sell our meat in our own restaurants and butcher shops. Because we own our facility, we have implemented a strict coding system that allows full traceability. We track our animals from birth to butchery to your plate. And because we always know exactly which animal each cut of meat comes from, you can feel good about its quality, its integrity, and its safety.

How Are Your Animals Raised and Handled?

At Belcampo Farms and Belcampo Butchery, we employ low-stress animal handling practices for our animals, which include cattle, lamb, swine, chicken, and turkey. We work hard to provide our animals with the happiest life on our farm. We're there when they’re born, with them every day on pasture, and make sure that they are handled in the most compassionate way when they transition to our processing facility.

What Breed of Cattle Do You Raise?

Our breed mix includes Angus, Hereford, and Wagyu. Our cattle have been selected for their ability to thrive on a grass diet. We keep calves and cows together for the first 8 to 10 months of the calf’s life, letting the pairs enjoy their days grazing, roaming, resting, and playing. Our beef is certified organic and is harvested at 24-30 months of age (compared to 18-19 months in conventional operations), which gives it a richer flavor and better marbling.

Are Your Chickens Really “Free Range”?

Yes. Our chickens are free-range and grow at a slower, more natural pace compared to conventionally raised chickens. This gives them the opportunity to develop a superior flavor. In addition to our meat birds, we raise a wide variety of layer breeds that produce multi-colored eggs—full flavored with vibrant orange yolks—year round.

What Type of Pigs Do You Raise?

Our pigs are a cross of Berkshire, Duroc, and Ossabaw breeds that we choose specifically to produce meat that’s rich in flavor, fat, and color. The swine forage in our tule wetlands and on forested hillsides of the farm. These habitats provide ideal natural environments for pigs. Since our pigs can explore and forage the diverse local landscape, in addition to eating custom diets based on farm-grown cereal grains, our pork offers a true taste of the Mt. Shasta Valley terroir.

What Do Your Animals Eat?

The quality, taste, and flavor of Belcampo meat are directly tied to what our animals eat. At Belcampo Farms, we grow a diverse range of grasses, grains, and legumes. Our animals graze on this natural pasture, expressing their natural herd behavior, and consume the vitamins and minerals of the land. We rotate our animals on a daily basis, based on how many animals we have and when and where the plants are in the growth cycle. We almost never come back to a property until the plants have collected their energy and have regrown. The diversity of species we graze on pasture also helps to create a full-circle ecosystem, which provides the best food for our animals.

What's Your Environmental Impact?

We do everything we can to cultivate deeper, healthier, and more sustainable soils. At Belcampo Farms, soil is one of the most important resources, second only to water. We grow diverse plants, mimicking the natural environment. This helps to create a full-circle ecosystem that regenerates on its own. By growing a diverse range of grasses, grains, and legumes, we ensure our animals have the vitamins and minerals they need and have a healthy place to roam.

What’s Whole Animal Butchery?

Whole animal butchery is the essence of what Belcampo is based upon. Our team of butchers at Belcampo Butchery and across our retail Butcher Shops are experts and artisans dedicated to whole animal butchery. Every animal at Belcampo is butchered to make the meat go further. No parts go to waste, which means fewer animals are slaughtered needlessly. As an operation, this makes us more sustainable. When you come into our Belcampo Butcher Shops, ask our Butchers about any cut. They’ll tell you where it came from, explain how it was cut, and give you tips on how to prepare it.

How is Your Meat Processed?

At Belcampo, we operate with sustainability and compassion at our core. Belcampo Butchery was designed by Temple Grandin, the nation’s premier compassionate animal handling expert, and is Animal Welfare Approved. We prepare our meat—by hand, not machine—and we age it longer than conventional facilities so it can develop the fullest expression if its flavor. Our butchers are experts and artisans, dedicated to the increasingly rare craft of whole-animal butchery and work to ensure no parts of the animal go to waste. Meat processed at Belcampo Butchery is USDA inspected and is used by Belcampo Restaurants & Butcher Shops.

Why Are Certifications Important?

Certifications matter and are important in protecting your health and safety. That’s why Belcampo out-certifies everyone in the business. Belcampo Farms and Belcampo Butchery are certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and Certified Humane. All meat processed at Belcampo Butchery is also USDA inspected.