Pork & Beef Braised BOLOGNESE

The closest thing to an Italian Vacation at home

Our Belcampo Bolognese recipe uses a beef-to-pork ratio of 2:1. This is our favorite blend for this recipe because it creates a creamy and  flavorful sauce. Our heritage pork has a naturally sweet flavor and finer muscle fibers than beef. Our grass-fed beef adds a bigger, beefy flavor that balances the sweetness of the pork.



Heat a large cast-iron skillet or casserole pan over medium heat. Add ground pork and brown for approximately, 7 minutes, breaking it apart as it cooks.


Remove pork from pan and set aside.


Add one pound of your ground to the pan to brown in the rendered pork fat; once it has a nice color on it, remove from the pan (it does not need to be cooked through at this point). Add the final pound of ground beef to the pan and repeat the process.


Once the final pound of beef is browned, add all ingredients to the pan and reduce to a simmer.


Cook on a low heat for 2-3 hours, adding additional water as needed. (You’ll generally need to add 1-2 quarts of water throughout the cooking process for meat to become very tender.)


While Bolognese is cooking, prepare 1-3 pounds dried pasta according to package directions. Reserve some of the cooking water when you drain noodles.


To serve bolognese, add some of the reserved pasta water back into the drained noodles (this will help the sauce and noodles combine well).


Toss sauce and noodles in a large pot; serve hot with fresh grated parmesan cheese.


1 lb Ground Pork

2 lb Ground Beef

1 large onion, diced

1-quart organic tomato puree

1-quart bone broth (or water)

Fresh rosemary

2- cloves garlic

Rinds of good quality parmesan cheese (optional)

Salt to taste

Shredded parmesan cheese (to serve)


Organic Ground Pork (1 lb)



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