Animal Wellness = Human Wellness

Because it’s all connected

Animal Wellness = Human Wellness


We know that what is good for our animals is good for our planet – and our health.

That’s why we’re doing things a little differently around here. We’re focused on raising food for people who care about their health, their families and the environment. Because we believe not just that we are what we eat, but that if we care about it all – every step of the process – we can create a product that’s better in every way: for people, animals, and for the future of our planet. And it can also be delicious!

Here’s how The Belcampo Way is different:

Cows on a farm


At Belcampo, we farm the way it should be done. Our methods hark back to a simpler time. Our animals graze on open pastures, munching on green grasses, and are able to express natural herd behaviors. Their diet contributes directly to their natural growth and robust health. Their quality of life–open air, fresh feed, and low stress handling techniques– result in meat that is higher in nutrients and healthy fats than conventionally raised alternatives. Good for animals = good for people. Amazing, right?

Learn more about our farming practices and how they contribute to the health of our land, animals and people here.


Our farms are climate-positive and carbon negative. We practice regenerative agriculture, which means we’re farming and raising animals in a way that sends nutrients and goodness back into the land.

We rotate our animals on pasture, and their natural grazing patterns help to cultivate healthy soil, capture carbon from the environment, and limit our impact on the watershed. Good for animals = good for planet. Win-win.

Cows on a farm
Cows on a farm


99% of meat grown in America is raised on highly concentrated animal feeding operations known as CAFOs. Studies have linked living near CAFOs to increased rates of infertility and disease in humans.

Our animals are raised thoughtfully, on land that’s cared for, with transparency from start to finish.

We’re working to create a new standard that respects animals and protects people. Of course, it also happens to be delicious.

Good for people = good for planet. It’s that simple.