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Belcampo began as a 30,000 acre farm at the base of Mt. Shasta on a mission to change an industry. That farm is now known as the Belcampo Estate and it’s where our team works tirelessly, not just farming, but establishing the climate-positive, humane practices and premium-quality meat standards we’re so well known for—or what we call ‘The Belcampo Way’.

We’re so proud of our farm, that we invite visitors year-round to camp and to enjoy programs like our Family Farms Stays and Meat Camps, sharing knowledge on regenerative farming, butchering and how to prepare and grill our meat to perfection. All this is part of our commitment to integrity and transparency. Because we want to be the meat you can trust, start to finish.

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Belcampo Farms

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It all started on our Belcampo Estate farm in Gazelle, CA, with a mission to deliver meat you can feel good about—meat that is good for you, good for the animals and good for the planet. While the vast majority of our meat comes from the Belcampo Estate, Belcampo Farms is growing to include a network of carefully vetted, certified producers committed to expanding the impact of our mission. We’re transforming the food system one farm, one community, one table at a time.

How we choose our partner farms stays the same…

How we choose our partner farms

Raising a new standard calls for, well, standards. We’re committed to helping small farms across the country grow into the best farms they can be. We’re helping our partners to become:

Cows in pasture

1. Certified Humane®

Humane certification is the gold standard for the kind and responsible treatment of farm animals. Farms that are Certified Humane® have been third-party verified and meet standards for feeding, access to the outdoors, and processing that ensure highest quality of life for animals at all phases of their lives.

round-up of a herd of cows

2. Pasture-Raised

Pasture-raised animals spend their lives feeding in a way nature intended. Belcampo Farms and partner farms raise animals on organically grown pasture–meaning pasture that is not treated with synthetic fertilizers or pesticides – foraging and grazing to their hearts’ content.

Person inspecting soil

3. Regenerative

Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to farming and raising animals that produces healthier food for people, restores top soils, and respects animals and their natural behaviors. Regeneratively farmed meats are good for animals, good for people, and good for the planet. Win-win-win.

A word from our head farmer

Meet them all


For over 60 years, Big Bluff Ranch has promoted grass-fed and pastured animal management, eco-tourism, and wildlife health. A family run operation spanning four generations, they raise grass-fed beef, free-range pastured poultry, and a mix of domestic and wild breeds of hogs on their Northern California Ranch. Website >


StarWalker Organic Farms is a 3rd generation organic farm. The Walker Family raises Scottish Highland Cows, Heritage Breed hogs known for superior quality and flavor, and an assortment of poultry on their farm in Scott Valley, California. Their products are Certified Organic, Certified HumaneTM and guaranteed non-GMO. Website >


Founded in 1929 by Ted and Ailie Chamberlin, this 8,000 acre ranch located in Santa Barbara County on the California Central Coast specialized in raising Polled Herefords. This family-owned ranch, now runs Angus cattle and managed by the second, third and fourth generations, maintains the same standards of environmental stewardship and sustainable ranching methods it was founded nearly 100 years ago. Website >


Founded in 2006 in Fort Jones California, Cal Heritage Farms believe that great food starts with warm sunshine, green grass, and clean water. This family-owned farm specializes in pasture-raised heritage pork that is GMO-free, antibiotic-free, and growth stimulant-free. They’re committed to producing the highest quality pork, raised with integrity and impeccable standards of humane animal treatment and environmental stewardship. Their heritage breeds spend their days foraging on acres of pasture, tilling the soil and living the good life. Website >

Blue Mountain Ranch

Nestled in Central Oregon, this multi-generational family cattle ranch is surrounded by snow-capped peaks, meandering creeks, forest and grass meadows. "The Blue" is home to an abundance of wildlife, including bald eagles, deer, antelope, and elk. The Teskey-Young family raises Red and Black Angus who graze on diverse and expansive native pastures year round, providing local customers with grassfed and grass finished beef. "We aspire to be the best possible stewards of the land and raise reputable products from regenerative soil." Allen and Sarah Teskey. Learn More >


The native grasslands, rainfall and Mediterranean climate of the Lascano Ranch in the Rocha region of Uruguay make for some of the world’s most premium finishing pastures for grass-fed and finished beef. We have partnered with three small multi-generational family farms in Uruguay -- the Dayman Farm near the town of Salto, Los Puestos near the town of La Coronilla, and Las Nutrias near the town Carlos Reyles -- who are all finishing their cattle on the premium pastures of Lascano to bring you the best Certified Organic, grass-fed and finished humanely raised beef from Uruguay. The meat is shipped by boat to reduce our carbon footprint, and wet aged during transport to increase tenderness. Raised #thebelcampoway in Uruguay.