Our New Featured Farm: Campo Rojo

Our New Featured Farm: Campo Rojo

Grass-fed & finished beef from Uruguay.

Hello everyone- My name is James Rickert and I’m the head farmer for Belcampo.  I’m a fifth generation cattle producer, so I’ve been around cattle and meat my entire life.  We at Belcampo have been focusing on producing some of the highest quality organic, grass-fed and finished meats that you can find in the marketplace. I’m excited to share a unique new product with you.

Why Uruguay?

Belcampo’s co-founder resides in Uruguay and I’ve had the opportunity to visit his ranches down there over the past few years.  I worked with him and the team to figure out a way to bring this very unique product to the US to offer a different type of grass-fed beef with optimal seasonal availability to our customers.

The operation is simply incredible.

 Campo Rojo is located in the Garzon region of Uruguay.  This ranch has native grasslands and a Mediterranean climate that creates ideal conditions for the animals.  It truly is a step back in time- gauchos moving cattle on horseback and nothing but grass and cattle as far as the eye can see.  

I’m proud that we were able to get the certifiers at “Certified Humane” to come visit us and we are the first ranch to become certified in the country.  The animals are processed in a first-class processing facility with great attention to detail.  We found an export partner and we jumped at the opportunity of getting this meat exported up to California.  It is shipped to us by boat to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting it to us, and during transport the meat wet ages to increase tenderness.  We did the final cutting and packaging at the Belcampo Butchery, and now it’s ready to share with you.

I am very proud of this product and happy to offer it to you… please check it out!  You will thank me after your first bite!!!