How our cows are helping save the earth

How our cows are helping save the earth

Our mission has always been to create meat that’s good for people, planet and animals.

The methods we use mimic Nature’s systems of balance and renewal which support healthy soils, diverse animal and plant life and help keep our air and water clean.

Cows on a farm

What is regenerative agriculture?

We practice regenerative agriculture, which means we’re farming and raising animals in a way that sends nutrients and goodness back into the land.

Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to farming that produces healthier food for people, restores and rebuilds topsoil and respects animals and their natural behaviors – all while drawing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and into the ground (where it belongs!).

So, what about the cows?

Our regenerative farming approach would not be possible without the key role our cows play, and we think they deserve a moment of recognition for all the work they do!

Regenerative pastures mimic ecosystems that have evolved over time – and grazing ruminants (like cattle) play an important role in this system. On our farms, we work to replicate the grazing patterns of wild herds, but instead of roaming buffalo and the predators that kept them continuously on the move, we use fences and cattle.

By rotating our cows on pasture – also known as “managed grazing” – we can encourage the growth of perennial grasses and clover, improve our soil’s ability to capture rainwater, increase diverse microorganisms in the soil and capture and draw heat-trapping carbon out of the atmosphere and into the ground.

Our productive pasture residents contribute by tilling the soil with their hooves, fertilizing with their manure and controlling noxious weed growth through grazing. As a result, tests have shown a steady increase in the amount of carbon sequestered in the soil on our farm.

Yep, you could say our grazers work hard for all of us!

2 Cows close-up
Cows grazing in the farm

Regenerative is the new sustainable.

We believe that regenerative practices that rebuild soils and work to reverse (not just slow!) the effects of carbon in the atmosphere are the way of the future.

Regeneratively farmed pastures show the positive impact that cattle can have on our environment if they’re raised the right way. We rely on our grazers as the foundation of this healthy system!

So from the bottom of our heart from everything you do…

Thanks, cows!